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Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

30+ Integrated SharePoint Web Parts Designed to Improve the User Experience

21 October 2014 by BPA Solutions

Do these 30+ SharePoint web parts answer your business needs?

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Few key things to know about SharePoint Apps

21 October 2014 by Malin De Silva

Apps has been the keyword when you speak about SharePoint 2013 development. It brings many advantages with its characteristics. The concept of SharePoint apps bring many advantages. In this article I am going to explain some of them which attracted me most.

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

100+ New Reasons to Check Out the ESPC Resource Centre

20 October 2014 by Helen O'Connor

100+ new reasons to check out the European SharePoint Resource Centre, where you can browse and download a host of excellent content.

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

How to sign Word and PDF documents from SharePoint on-prem and on-line

17 October 2014 by CoSign by ARX

Short videos on how to sign word and PDF documents with SharePoint

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Webinar: Configuring Hybrid Workloads for SharePoint 2013 and O365

17 October 2014 by Declan Clancy

Find out about the upcoming webinar in the Ultimate Cloud Series for an advance audience

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Friday Funny: How else could Office 365 work?

17 October 2014 by Declan Clancy

This weeks Friday Funny perfectly explains how Office 365 and the cloud in general works

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Message In a Bottle - Identity and Access Management in the SharePoint world

15 October 2014 by Chris McNulty, HiSoftware, USA

For a long time, identity and access management (IAM) has been something outside the world of most implementations. Who you are, and what you can do, have stayed almost entirely within the walled garden of SharePoint farms.

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

ESPC14 Slide Decks Released!

14 October 2014 by Helen O'Connor

If you have SharePoint questions such as What? Why? or How? then check out our bank of European SharePoint Conference Presentations!

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

How to setup a SharePoint Farm with just a few clicks

14 October 2014 by Oliver Wirkus

Isn’t it every SharePointer’s dream: setting up a SharePoint farm with just a few clicks … accessible from multiple devices remotely? Scalable and no additional software like Hyper-V or VMWare needed? Most of you would probably answer YESSS!!!

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

MVP Takeover - Michael Greth

13 October 2014 by Michael Greth, MVP, Germany

This Month Michael Greth is the MVP in control of our blog. See what he had to say!