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Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Friday Funny: Rover Just Saw the Amazing Super Early Bird Offer for ESPC15

27 February 2015 by Niall Minihan

Rover has a smile on his face today because he just saw the amazing Super Early Bird Offer for ESPC15!

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

eBook - Microsoft Office 365: Exchange Online Implementation & Migration - Getting Started

26 February 2015 by David Greve and Loryan Strant

This FREE eBook contains excerpts from 'Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online Implementation and Migration ch. 1 Getting Started'. This chater covers the differences in Office 365 plans and the basics around obtaining an Office 365 subscription.

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Office 365 External Sharing – How It Works and How It Should Work

26 February 2015 by Innofactor, Denmark

There is a very nice feature in SharePoint Online called External Sharing. This feature gives the ability to share content from within a SharePoint site collection to users that have a Microsoft Account or have an account in another Office 365 tenant. Once content is shared the external user can access the content exactly the same way an internal user from within the tenant can. There are some limitations as to what external users can do, for instance they cannot have their own OneDrive.So what is wrong with this concept? It sounds very nice and useful? And it certainly is…

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Upcoming Webinar: Getting Instant Productivity out of Yammer

25 February 2015 by Christian Buckley, MVP, USA

Wondering where to begin with Yammer and what steps you can take to quickly realize its business benefits? This fast-paced and informative session will walk through several tips and tricks for getting the most out of Yammer.

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Promoted Links - A Little Downside

24 February 2015 by Stacy Deere-Strole, USA

Recently I was working on a project for a client to move some sites from one web application to another. Pretty simple task right? Well, not so quick and easy if your heavily utilizing Microsoft’s SharePoint out of the box feature called Promoted Links.

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

MVP TakeOver - Naomi Moneypenny

20 February 2015 by Naomi Moneypenny, MVP, USA

Naomi Moneypenny is MVP of the Month! See her top Twitter accounts you should be following, cool SharePoint tools, resources, content and more!

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Taking a Look at the Office 365 Mobile App

18 February 2015 by Robert Dick, MVP, Canada

Microsoft has really opened up the candy store for mobile users in the last few months. Office apps for iOS and Android (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) have been released as an adjunct to Office 365 and existing apps such as OneDrive have been enhanced. And let’s not forget the release of Outlook as the end result of the late 2014 acquisition of Acompli. All of this is driven by the ever evolving Office 365 back end and the Online apps that also provide access to Office functionality to mobile users.

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Improve Employee Engagement Through Recognition & Reward for Microsoft O365 and SP 2013

18 February 2015 by Sasja Beerendonk, Netherlands

Don't believe in gamification? Often people are weary about it, thinking it won't work for them or their organisation. "I don't care about winning" is often said. Or "I don't like games". This ebook will debunk misconceptions and biases by explaining the concept of gamification.

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

4 Reasons Why Content Migration to SharePoint is Superior to an Upgrade

18 February 2015 by Michael Denzler, AvePoint, Germany

In the past few years, migrating content to SharePoint has exponentially increased in importance. In that time, there have been furious debates over whether it’s best to actually perform a migration or just do an upgrade.

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Lync & Yammer in Office 365

18 February 2015 by Robert Dick, MVP, Canada

If Exchange and SharePoint are the heart and soul of Office 365 then Lync and Yammer are the nervous system providing connections and inputs for all Office 365 users. Lync is probably the most unsung feature amongst Small Business users as it is poorly understood by most small business owners.