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Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Ice Bucket Challenges by the European SharePoint Community

22 August 2014 by Mary Cadden

Today we have decided to highlight some of the SharePoint community who have already taken the challenge.

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

eBook on Branding SharePoint with Composed Looks

21 August 2014 by John Chapman (Sitrion, USA)

Download 'SharePoint 2013 WCM Advanced Cookbook Ch.1 Branding SharePoint with Composed Looks' eBook by John Chapman and cover the basics of branding SharePoint 2013 sites using composed looks, color palettes and font schemes.

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

How to: Customize the Look of the SharePoint Content Search Web Part Results

19 August 2014 by Yaroslav Pentsarskyy, MVP

In my last post, I talked about how you can set up your SharePoint site to roll up content on different parts of the site using Content Search Web Part (CSWP).

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Video: How to Work with Tables on Webpages on SharePoint 2013

18 August 2014 by Asif Rehmani,, USA

Asif Rehmani presents a video on 'How to Work with Tables on Webpages on SharePoint 2013' as part of this months "How To with SharePoint 2013" Video Series

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Four Gotchas of SharePoint Workflow Deployment – End-User Engagement

18 August 2014 by Thuan Nguyen, MVP

SharePoint is positioned to be one of the most chosen workflow platforms these days. Many companies are excited by the powerful capabilities of SharePoint workflow Microsoft has offered. With built-in features, you can very quickly create an approval workflow for your organization even the requirements include several rules and conditions. This apparently sounds like every letter you may have read in the Microsoft marketing documentation. Microsoft always ‘hypnotizes’ and does attract people in the business community by its writing.

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Incorporating Evangelism Into Your Organization

15 August 2014 by Christian Buckley, Metalogix, USA

I was talking with a partner this week about their interest in hiring a technical evangelist and getting more involved in the community. While evangelism job descriptions vary widely depending on the maturity of the organization – and the maturity of the community in which you do business, I was happy to share some of my experiences on what it takes to be successful in the role.

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Friday Funny: Anybody else love meetings?!!!

15 August 2014 by Declan Clancy

Bored? Feeling Lonely? Hate making decisions?

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

MVP TakeOver - Benjamin Niaulin

14 August 2014 by Benjamin Niaulin, MVP, Sharegate

Our guest MVP for August is Benjamin Niaulin. Geek and SharePoint MVP, he have been around the globe helping people reach their goals by simplifying SharePoint. As a Certified Trainer for well over 7 years, he have become very comfortable training and sharing my experiences.

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Live Webinar on Making SharePoint Strategic

13 August 2014 by Eric Riz, MVP, Concatenate

Join us Thursday for a webinar with MVP Eric Riz where he will be discussing how to make SharePoint the enterprise system that Microsoft intended it to be and much more. Watch the accompanying video to see why Eric thinks you should register for this webinar.

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

External sharing with Office 365, part 1: Introduction

12 August 2014 by Aleksandar Draskovic

In today's world of dynamic workplaces and dynamic projects, we are faced with a lot of challenges. We are working with various people in various teams, sometimes within our own departments only but most of the time involving people working for other departments and, not so rare, people from different companies, like partners, customers and independent consultants. I was on all of these sides and I can tell you one thing, identity managemet was always a kind of a trouble. Big companies have identity management processes and procedures in place; however, there are a lot of small or mid-sized companies which had to work around this one way or another.