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Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Friday Funny: It's the Final Countdown!

17 April 2015 by Niall Minihan

There isn't much time left!

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Exciting News on SharePoint Server 2016!

17 April 2015 by Niall Minihan

Seth Patton of Microsoft has released new information on SharePoint Server 2016...

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Universal App Development Using Office 365 API

16 April 2015 by Senthamil Selvan, MVP

The office 365 API has a REST service that helps to access the data from the subscription. The office 365 subscription includes the Exchange, SharePoint and AD services. Office 365 API gives access to all those services via REST methods. The authentication to the service happens via the Azure AD. The single sign-on with Azure AD to authenticate your users, and let them access email, files, calendar, and user information, and the petabytes of data that are stored in Office 365.

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Join The Hundreds Who've Already Booked ESPC15 Tickets

15 April 2015 by Niall Minihan

Join the hundreds who have already booked their place at ESPC15 - for only €995!

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Current Yammer Integration Options in SharePoint

15 April 2015 by Maarten Eekels, Portiva, Netherlands

In June 2012 Microsoft announced they acquired Yammer. This caused a lot of confusion at first; how about SharePoint social features? How do these compare to Yammer? Should I even be using SharePoint social now? How do the two integrate?

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

European SharePoint Conference Super Saving Rate Ends in 2 Days!

15 April 2015 by European SharePoint Community

The 2015 Conference Programme has just been released and it is much more than SharePoint!

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

SharePoint 2013: 5 Tips for User Experience in Search Results (minimal effort necessary)

14 April 2015 by Virgil Carroll, High Monkey, USA

As the title of this blog states, the purpose is to share with you 5 tips you could implement to help improve even some of the worst search implementations. What these tips will do is give you a good start in providing more relevant results without a lot of effort.

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Office 365 Monitoring and Alerting, for Free

13 April 2015 by Steve Peschka

As you all know, a frustrating problem for cloud customers is that you are at the mercy of Incident Notifications from the Service Providers to know of any outages. The Service Provider may not know of an outage affecting your tenancy, may not post notifications on their Service Portals timely or frequently enough - and you are helpless fielding calls from frustrated users. I have seen this happen at multiple customers during recent outages.

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Friday Funny: I'm Sure You Developers Will Agree with the Minions!

10 April 2015 by Niall Minihan

It's that small euphoric moment when your code finally works and you're just like...

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

SQL Optimization and High Availability (Always-On) for SharePoint

09 April 2015 by Mike Maadarani , MVP

SharePoint Always-on deployment strategy is an important requirement to achieve high-availability within an organization. SharePoint has broken the barrier within an organization for collaboration, communication, and social network, but the large amount of data analysed and consumed, along with our culture of always-connected has posed a challenge to keep our infrastructure up and running.