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Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Friday Funny: If You Are Having a Bad Day

31 July 2015 by European SharePoint Community

If you are having a bad day then comfort yourself by knowing this...

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

eBook: Inside Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Ch.2 SharePoint Development Practices and Techniques

30 July 2015 by European SharePoint Community

This eBook provides guidance in setting up your development environment.

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

How to Integrate ECM with ERP in Your Workplace

28 July 2015 by GRADIENT

It’s always been a daunting, long, and pain-staking process finding the right solution(s), integrating, implementing, and then training the team to better your workflows or create new ones, if you haven’t already done so, within your organization. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is an elementary and fundamental way to get the ball rolling. In this article, we explain how to successfully integrate and implement your enterprise content management (ECM) with enterprise resource planning (ERP), using Accounts Payable (AP) as an example.

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Installing Workflow Manager Offline

28 July 2015 by John Naguib, Technical Consultant and Portfolio Architect

In several cases your environment is secured and not accessing the internet and you want to install the workflow manager so in the following steps I am going to explain how to do that so you can install Workflow Manager offline to server(s) not connected to the internet..

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Avoid the Security Risks of Office 365

27 July 2015 by Cryptzone

Our latest whitepaper discusses how organizations can reap the benefits of Office 365 while mitigating security risks associated with storing information outside the corporate firewall.

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Friday Funny: Stay Strong People

24 July 2015 by European SharePoint Community

Stay strong people, just a few more hours until you can do this!

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

European SharePoint Community Awards 2015 Submission Deadline Friday 24th July

22 July 2015 by European SharePoint Community

Give your company the publicity & acclaim it deserves by submitting under one or all of the seven categories below

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Simplify Your SharePoint Migration to the Cloud

21 July 2015 by K2

Here are six steps you can take to deal with the headache of migrating SharePoint to the cloud:

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Office Graph: The Brain of Office 365

20 July 2015 by André Vala, |create|it|, Portugal

This time was no different and I asked how many of the attendees knew what is the Office Graph and Office Delve. I was surprised that only a few hands were lifted, and that so many of the attendees had no clue of what I was about to present. I decided to start at the beginning and I think it went great. So I figured it would be a good idea to write an article about Office Graph, for beginners.

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Friday Funny: Any of you Admins feel this way?

17 July 2015 by European SharePoint Community

Friday Funny: What do you think?