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Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Infographic by ShareGate: 10 Steps to a Successful SharePoint Implementation

28 August 2015 by Geoff Evelyn, MVP & ShareGate

Geoff Evelyn and the wonderful people at ShareGate have come together to make this infographic giving you ten steps to ensure a successful SharePoint implementation. Enjoy!

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Implementing Business Applications When Time Is Something You Don’t Have

27 August 2015 by Michal Rykiert, WEBCON

There are ways to speed up the implementation process and not to get hospitalized due to exhaustion. This article focuses on the IT perspective

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

[5 Live Webinars] European SharePoint & Office 365 Training Week is Back!

24 August 2015 by Declan Clancy

Join us September 7th to 11th for 5 Fantastic Live Webinars on SharePoint and Office 365

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Measuring the Value of Enterprise Social Technologies: It’s All About That Case!

17 August 2015 by Susan Hanley, MVP, USA

With apologies to Meghan Trainor, it’s not All About That Bass when it comes to social. It’s all about that case— the business case, that is.

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Upcoming Webinar - Office 365 and PowerShell: A Match Made in Heaven

13 August 2015 by Declan Clancy

Find out more about Sebastien Leverts upcoming webinar on Powershell and Office 365

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Jeff Teper to Headline ESPC15!

13 August 2015 by Declan Clancy

Find out more about the huge new announcement to the ESPC15 Programme

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

LIVE Hackathon with Jeremy Thake Added to ESPC15 Programme

11 August 2015 by Declan Clancy

We are delighted to announce Jeremy Thake will be chairing a 3 hour live Hackathon from European SharePoint Conference 2015 Stockholm..

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

[Infographic] SharePoint 2013 Search - 5 Tips for User Experience

10 August 2015 by Virgil Carroll, High Monkey USA

Whether you are a large organization or small, what is the number one complaint you always get from people? SEARCH!

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Ten Steps to a Successful SharePoint Implementation

05 August 2015 by Geoff Evelyn, MVP & ShareGate

Office 365 MVP Geoff Evelyn put together a useful guide to help you successfully implement SharePoint. Listen to the expert and start your implementation today!

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Friday Funny: If You Are Having a Bad Day

31 July 2015 by European SharePoint Community

If you are having a bad day then comfort yourself by knowing this...