Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Developer

Paolo Pialorsi, Italy

Learn how to develop on SharePoint 2010

In this chapter, you will see how to implement LINQ to SharePoint to model SharePoint data as a set of typed entities, how to query that entity model, and how to manage data retrieved from LINQ queries. Lastly, you can read about some advanced topics, such as managing concurrency conflicts, identity management, serialization, and versioning of entities.

This FREE eBook contains excerpts from Chapter 4 which will help you develop on SharePoint 2010:

1. LINQ Overview
2. The Goal of LINQ
3. LINQ Under the Covers
4. Introducing LINQ to SharePoint
5. Modeling with SPMetal.EXE
6. Querying Data
7. Managing Data
8. Inserting a New Item
9. Deleting or Recycling an Existing Item
10. Advanced Topics
11. Handling Concurrency Conflicts
12. Identity Management and Refresh
13. Disconnected Entities
14. Model Extensions and Versioning


About the Author:

Paolo Pialorsi is a consultant, trainer, and author who specializes in developing distributed applications architectures and Microsoft SharePoint enterprise solutions. He is a founder of DevLeap, a company focused on providing content and consulting to professional developers. Paolo wrote three books in English about Microsoft LINQ published by Microsoft Press. He is also the author of three books in Italian language about XML and Web Services. He is a regular speaker at industry conferences."