3 Top Tips for Developing Microsoft 365 Solutions

1. Leverage Azure Active Directory for any custom developed solution 

Secure any custom solution for Microsoft 365 by leveraging Azure Active Directory. Using this technique, you will be always fully integrated with the Microsoft 365 ecosystem and you will be able to leverage the OAuth 2.0 authorization protocol to secure your services and client applications. At the same time, your end users will leverage a smooth single sign on experience. 

2. Use OData queries to reduce the amount of requested data 

Bandwidth is very important, when you are developing web and mobile applications. When it is possible, you should always use OData to query just and only the items and the properties that you really need, avoiding huge REST queries, which would slow down your custom developed solutions and would also overload the target services, increasing the probability of being throttled. 

3. Use batching when making REST requests to Microsoft Graph and SharePoint Online 

In order to improve the performance of your applications, you should always consider making REST request using the batch request model. This approach will reduce the number of network roundtrips and the overall network latency. 

About Paolo

Paolo Pialorsi is a consultant, trainer, and author who specialises in developing Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft SharePoint-based enterprise solutions. Paolo works in a company of his own (www.piasys.com),and has a great deal of experience on Office 365 and SharePoint, and he is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Master – Charter SharePoint, as well as a Microsoft Office Servers and Services MVP. He is also a regular speaker at international IT conferences. He spoke at Microsoft TechEd Europe, the European SharePoint Conference, the SharePoint Conference in the USA, Microsoft Ignite, Microsoft Inspire, and many other IT conferences worldwide. Paolo is the author for Microsoft Press of many books about .NET, Windows, SharePoint, and Office 365.

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The latest book published is the “Programming Office 365”. He also wrote some Italian-language books about .NET, XML and Web Services.

Since January 2015, Paolo is a proud member of the Office 365 Developers Patterns & Practices Core Team (http://aka.ms/SharePointPnP).

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