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Check out this video by Asif Rehmani which help you make sense of all the apps in Office 365.

Video Transcript:

So a lot of our users and a  lot of our customers these days are using  Office 365 for a good reason obviously there’s some really awesome things you can do with Office 365 the problem has been that it’s difficult to make people to understand all the different applications of  Office 365 there’s just too much so how you make sense of it all so I put together something which hopefully is helpful to you let me know what you think so I want to take the complexity away from all this stuff over here I’m gonna first of all remove that top thing over here then next thing after that I’ll start moving things into categories to hopefully make it more sensible we’ll go mail put over there tasks up top people then you have calendar and we’ll call this category Outlook all right fair enough so that’s gonna be the outlook category mail and discovering people calendar and task management then on the top left over here I want to move OneNote excel word OneDrive PowerPoint and sway and sway if you don’t know it’s very much like like PowerPoint actually a way to present but you’re presenting things by making stuff that’s easily shareable directly online it’s an application of course within Office 365 usually easier I think even then PowerPoint to make the presentation I’m still more use of PowerPoint myself though and then of course a to-do application which is as task management and I called this category office you got from here all the stuff is just office products whether they were used to write and after that you got power bi and that’s in a category to itself that’s business intelligence obviously a power bi specifically you can get a lot of intelligence from not just within your Office 365 system but other systems outside as well within your organization all within one dashboard or multiple dashboards that you create it’s very very cool in my opinion then you got SharePoint you have groups you got Yammer newsfeed and planner and teams and this category I called collaboration so easy to collaborate with people using SharePoint classically but also using groups which are more exchange based you can use that as well Yammer versus teams there’s always this discussion as to which one you use when well Yammer is more enterprise social while teams is interacting with people that you know so both of them are good planner is a task management for teams we use that internally here as well at Visual SP and then of course newsfeed is to easily discover content that you follow people that follow you and that kind of stuff so all that stuff I consider collaboration category security and compliance obviously you need to set that up and even if you don’t set it up by default you get alerts as an admin that’s in your tenant understanding for example let’s say you’re somebody typed in social security numbers or credit card numbers and they start going outside the organization you get an alert automatically or if some other tenant administrator gets set up and you are a tenant administrator yourself so you get an alert that hey this person has been set up is that right or now so some of these things already set up automatically and you can set up more stuff in security and compliance admin and that’s of course where you start so the administration of Office 365 is where everything gets set up the subscriptions the users the domain all that good stuff gets set up in admin then I’m gonna move power apps and flow and forms in this category here and call this workflows and forms automation of items is done through flow and then the actual items let’s say the form specifically themselves our forms for easy quick forms or power apps for much more much more involved in much more powerful forms it doesn’t check that out as well and then I have store now store of course a set up by default many times as that you can just go out and get an app from the App Store and then have it available in Office 365 what I usually recommend to clients is that it’s better to have your store you know set up in a way where you’re getting information you’re getting apps and stuff that are approved for your organization and then once you get them you make them available to your internal organization afterwards so it’s internal store after that but the store tile is there and so available something you should be aware of delve I believe is in a category of its own because it’s as a user I’m getting all the information that I need where and where I am very contextual in nature so it’s telling me all the different documents and other items that are relevant to me so that’s where delve is a much more of a discovery tool that’s what that tile stands for stream and video I’m putting together and that’s the video portal or video portals now video this one has been around for quite some time Street is new but everything is moving more and more to Street so same functionality as a video portal but a lot more to be honest and stream I believe you get it if you have a five subscription and Office 365 you get it for free or you have to purchase it if it’s a different SKU that you have but still regardless you get transcription in there you get face detection you get better indexing and searching capabilities a lot of good stuff you get with this over here so anyway there you have it that’s just all different categories just wanting to make it clear for folks administrators as well as users themselves of how to look at everything and make sense of it all so hopefully this was helpful to you let me flip back here to where I was all right so Office 365 once again a great bunch of applications but it’s good to know where to go to find what and how to use everything so hopefully this was helpful. Talk to you soon.

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