5 Myths About Modern Workspace

Do you know what 40% of your employees do in at least a quarter of their work week? They waste their time on repetitive, manual and low-value tasks (SmartSheet 2017). Modern workspace is a buzzword which has various interpretations – from data, which is stored in the cloud, to robots and fully automated tasks. The truth is that the modern workspace primary goal is to increase efficiency and probably more companies will benefit from its added value if they are aware of the following myths.

Myth #1 – The Modern Workspace applications will replace the people

Although I like movies such as I, Robot, the employees will remain the most valuable asset for companies. No matter how smart your digital workplace is, what kind of cutting edge technology is used, if smart algorithm is developed, no matter if there is an AI integrated or even a chat bot, the simple truth is that only humans have excellent critical thinking, emotional intelligence, creativity and judgement skills.  
Modern Workspace is intended to simplify daily routine operations and optimize the business processes rather than become a decision maker and replace the human beings on their day-to-day activities.

Humans and robots working together


Myth #2 – The employees’ engagement depends only on the perks

Additional health insurance, phone, laptop & company car, gym, branded T-shirts, bowling, even indoor pool… Just name it! Companies from almost all industries are focusing on how to recruit and retain the best talents. Many of them are overlooking the fact that employees have changed and nowadays they want to be mobile, to be able to work easily and securely from anywhere, on any device and to collaborate with their colleagues seamlessly. In 2018 the physical boundaries can easily become imaginary – every employee should be able to quickly access his personal workplace from the Bora-Bora sandy beach, while climbing Kilimanjaro or riding an elephant in Thailand with just few clicks. So, do you still believe employees will be motivated only by the free fruits in the office kitchen?  
Modern applications have one ultimate goal – reducing or completely removing location dependency at work by empowering the employees with seamless communication and multi-device experience. 

Seamless communication


Myth #3 – You need internal know-how and software capabilities

Not really. Each company has its core business expertise. Would you like to sell shoes if you are a software developer? Well, maybe it would be nice if the store is located inside a modeling agency but still you will probably never become an employee of the month, since you are not an expert in selling shoes.  
We, at BULPROS, empower businesses in their Digital journey with innovative solutions, services and products. We can introduce the modern workspace to your organization by offering end-to-end service, starting with an initial assessment, deep dive analysis of the existing systems and detailed recommendations for your modern IT strategy. Besides the professional consultancy, we can support you with the entire execution. Based on your business needs, we can modernize your existing applications or develop new ones. Moreover, we will train your employees so that they quickly and easily start benefiting from the new opportunities. By saving them time and efforts, the modern workspace tools will help your employees focus on their priority activities and will thus increase their productivity and performance. 

Productivity will increase


Myth #4 – Creating a web platform for seamless customers’ and employees’ experience on all devices is only for big companies

Modern applications, which are designed based on your specific business needs, a web platform which digitalizes your business and offers seamless multi-device experience could sound too complex for some small and even mid-sized companies. The obvious truth is that nowadays software is everywhere, transforming all industries. Every company is using some kind of business applications, so that it can benefit from modern and innovative applications to improve its performance.  
Moreover, sometimes managers are afraid that their employees will not accept the new applications and will prefer to use the old well-known tools. Remember your first car? Probably it had a name and you smile every time you remember how often you had to repair it… And that unpleasant feeling when you had to change or sell it is probably still there. But now, when you are riding your new fully electric convertible sport car that actually drives on its own in the traffic, you can’t imagine going back to the old one, right? This is the reality – we all love our old things and keep them in shape, but for running the daily operations you will eventually need something that can do the tasks autonomously. The thought of changing the old applications might be scary at first sight too, but soon after introducing the modern IT landscape to your organization, your employees will not be able to image their daily routine with the repetitive tasks and old limitations.

Modern IT landscape


Myth #5 – Creating a secure and reliable modern workspace is too expensive

Comparing the price of а new modern app with the maintenance costs of an old legacy software is like comparing apples with pears if you focus only on the numbers. However, the more relevant question for the business is: What is the added value of the new platform or application? If it is tailor-made and is aligned with your company goals and needs, you will benefit from increased employee engagement and productivity, improved security models, business process optimization, etc.  

Improved business optimization



Introducing Modern Workspace to your company

Automation and application modernization are inevitable, they affect all industries and business sectors. According to the SmartSheet 2017 report, 65% of employees are already using some kind of automation in their day-to-day work.
So take the chance and do not be afraid to introduce the Modern Workspace to your organization. Of course, there are many aspects to consider, but with the right strategy and expert support, the benefits for your business will definitely outweigh the efforts invested. Innovative applications and tailor-made solutions will help you reduce time wasted on repetitive tasks, increase your employees’ engagement and productivity and eventually improve your overall performance.
Find out how we can help your company to modernize the workplace by providing you expert consultancy and developing new applications based on your business goals. 

Krasimir Atanasov


About the Author:
Krasimir Atanasov is currently holding the position of Offering Leader at BULPROS. He is a highly experienced professional with strong background in Software Development and Solution Architecture & Consulting. Krasimir has more than 15 years of international experience in the IT field, as well as in managing highly performing teams.

Smartsheet. (2017). Information Workers Waste a Quarter of the Work Week on Manual, Repetitive Tasks. [online] Available at: https://www.smartsheet.com/blog/workers-waste-quarter-work-week-manual-repetitive-tasks [Accessed 21 Sep. 2018].

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