Axceler’s Global Trek = Mission Accomplished by Carrie Page

Well first things first. It seems my months of training and
going to bed early to get up for 6am runs paid off.  Not only
did I complete my marathon, but I ran a PR of 3:32.36 and qualifed
for the Boston Marathon! However, getting on an eight hour flight
that evening to Germany was not so much fun!

After a quick cat nap upon arrivial, I had a new surge of energy
and was ready to take on the beautiful and sprawling city of Berlin
(although I was hobbling around all week).

The Estrel Hotel and Convention Center was a great venue for the
SharePoint Conference and our booth location was perfectly situated
near a session room and the ever important coffee break

Another reason you couldn’t miss our booth was because we had
the “brightest” booth in the hall. It was almost as if you were
entering the Emerald City of Oz, as we lit up the show with green
blinky pins, pens and cups!

So many highlights, so little time, so here are our top
highlights from the week.

1. Excellent demonstrations led by Gail Shlansky and Alex
Davenport on ControlPoint, Davinci and FileLoader. Whenever there
was a break, we had a demonstration going on in our booth.

2. Co-sponsoring a great SharePint event (impromptu) with
Metalogix, NewsGator, HiSolutions, and Qorus at Am to Pm bar.
We had a huge turnout, a great dance party, and more importantly
welcomed anybody in the SharePoint Community to attend!

3. Great networking with attendees led by our amazing sales team
from our London office. We had so many great conversations during
exhibit hours and then those “after” hours as well.

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