Azure Automation and Managed Identities

Azure Automation uses Run As accounts to authenticate and manage resources in an Azure subscription.  In this video, we review using Managed Identities in Azure Automation (preview) to control access to Azure resources.  The video then provides an Azure Automation Tutorial on creating an Azure Automation account, configuring a Managed Identity, setting RBAC permissions, and then creating a runbook that shuts down Azure Virtual Machines on a tag value.

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About the Author:

Travis Roberts is a Cloud Infrastructure Architect at RBA, an award-winning national digital and technology consultancy based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Travis has 20 years of IT experience in the legal, pharmaceutical and marketing industries, and has worked with IT hardware manufacturers and managed service providers. Travis has held numerous technical certifications over the span of his career from Microsoft, VMware, Citrix and Cisco.

Travis is active in the Microsoft Azure community in the Minneapolis area and online.  Travis is a board member of the Minneapolis Azure User Group.  He maintains a blog at, creates YouTube videos on multiple Azure cloud services, is a author for ACloud.Guru and gives presentations on Azure topics.  Travis also contributes content for the website


Roberts, T. (2021). Azure Automation and Managed Identities. Available at:[Accessed@ 7th July 2021].

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