Azure DevOps Demo Generator

More than once during the consultation, you ask me how you can see Azure DevOps “in action”. In particular, you mean the Boards section, task management and sprints. Today I have a tip for you on how you can use the demo yourself.

As part of the work on the Azure DevOps course (if you do not know what it is yet – sign up for the newsletter ), I needed a few examples of extensive projects, sprints, many tasks and bugs. I could have figured it all out myself – but I figured someone had to do something like that already. And I was right.

Azure DevOps Demo Generator

Just go to the Azure DevOps Demo Generator website

and log in. You will see the option to select a sample project that you want to import into your organization:

There are different types of sample projects:

After selecting the project, just set its new name and organization:

You can also agree to import the project repository (from GitHub). If you need additional plugins – just agree to install them. And after a while we have a ready project:

At the outset, you can already see statistics that I would not achieve “on foot”:

Pretty good, extensive Backlog:

Examples of real tasks:

And prepared iterations:

Additionally, there are several teams:

Also the part about the repository shows the actual work on the project: a list of branches, many commits, and even prepared Pull Requests with comments. Regarding CI / CD – Pipelines section is also ready.


If you do not know how to manage a project in Azure DevOps – I encourage you to use the Demo Generator. It allows you to see in general what the arranged project looks like from the Azure DevOps side.

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About the Author:

I am a FullStack developer who has met Frontend and Backend and DevOps. After work, I run the programming blog, co-organize the Wroclaw .NET User Group, run the opensource project and create a course about Azure DevOps Outside the IT world, I focus on my hobbies: board games and escape rooms. 





Mularczyk, W. (2021). Azure DevOps Demo Generator. Available at: [Accessed: 22nd April 2021].

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