Azure PowerApps using SharePoint Online Data

Azure PowerApps helps businesses to create Apps easily and publish within an Organization. To sign up the PowerApps please follow the link After login to the email id the home page of the PowerApps will be like below

Image 1

List of apps deployed to the PowerApps

Image 2

How to create PowerApps?

To create an App, first we need to add the connections. The connections are the data source to the existing systems in an Organization. To create a connection, navigate to the Connections on the left navigation. I have added already 2 connections from the Office 365. One of the connections I have added is the SharePoint from my O365 account.

Image 3

Click on Add a Connection on the top right to create new connection. The Available connections shows the list of all possible connections. Scroll down to the SharePoint Online to add the SharePoint data.

Image 4

Click on the + sign on the SharePoint Online to add the SharePoint. Once the + sign is clicked a popup window to Add Connection will be shown. Click on Add Connection, the sign in page for Office 365 will be shown.

Image 5

Once the authentication is successful the SharePoint Online will be added to the connection list.

Now we need to download the Windows App to create the App. Click on the Download button on top ribbon of the PowerApps. This will pop up the App install screen.

Image 6

After installing the App from the store, launch the App to login with the email.

Image 7

Once login is successful the home page with the option to create an App will be displayed. On the left menu select the New option to create an App

Image 8

Select the Start from your data option to select the data from the SharePoint Online. The start from your data option lists down the My connections and Available connections. Select the SharePoint Online from the My connections. On the right side you will have two choices one Recent Sites and another New site. Select New site option to enter the site URL. I have the SharePoint online site under and my data is in the sub site Idea. So depends on the site data you can enter the full URL of the site which has the lists. The PowerApps can use the SharePoint list to get the data for the Apps. In my case Idea sub site has the Ideas list with the data. Enter the URL for the site and click on the Connect button at the bottom of the page.

Image 9

If the connection is successful to the site, the next screen will display all the list of available SharePoint lists in the particular site. In my case I have a list called Ideas. I will use the Ideas list to get the data for the Apps. Select the list and click on Connect to get the data.

Image 10

It takes a while to load all the data from the list. Once the data are loaded the PowerApps screen will show the design mode with the data. The design mode will have several option to design the App of your choice. You can change the theme color and layouts. By default the Search, Detail and Edit screen will be added for you. You can add more screens and layout.

Image 11

To save the App got to File menu and Click on Save option. Save menu allows you to save the App in Cloud or Local. Enter the App Name and save to the preferred location.

Image 12

Editing the Datasource and Fields

You can edit the data source for the control using the Quick tools option at the bottom. Select the screen and control click on quick tools and go to Content. In the content tab select the field needs to appear in the controls.

Image 13

To execute the App use the Play button at the top of the screen. The play button will execute the app using the Data. You can even add events and the formulas for the controls to work with the data.

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