Azure Quiz by Gregor Reimling, MVP

Welcome to the ESPC Community Azure Quiz!

Test your Azure knowledge below against Gregor Reimling, MVP.

**This Quiz has now ended – thanks to all those who entered**

Quiz scores are completely anonymous and will not be shared.

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About Gregor

My passion for IT was firmly established in my youth. At the beginning with a C128 & 5.25 ″ floppy disks it was initially the computer games. But the joy of using the device was short-lived. My sister was so impressed with the diskette slot and put a newspaper in instead of diskettes. In an elaborate, nightly rescue operation, however, the device was back on the road. After this experience, I started training as an IT administrator some time later. 🙂 I recently switched to new challenges at speago and joined the team for Azure projects. My focus is on the conception and implementation of hybrid and public cloud infrastructures based on Microsoft Azure.

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