We’re Riding a Big Wave and Loving It

In case it wasn’t clear before, the release of Forrester
Research Inc.’s first ever August 2011 “The Forrester Wave™:
Enterprise Social Platforms, Q3 2011” report further cements what
we at NewsGator have been experiencing first hand – enterprise
social is not a niche, fad, or point solution, it is the future of
work in the enterprise and that future is now.

Big Wave

NewsGator is positioned solidly among the handful of Enterprise
Social Platform leaders, all selected, “due to breadth and depth of
functionality and long-range strategy.” That last part is key. We
were early into the social computing revolution and our close
relationship with Microsoft gave us an inside track on delivering
social capabilities to the enterprise as a global platform
capability – not just a siloed, point solution.
When we first partnered with Microsoft and began building what
would become Social Sites, it was with a goal of targeting the
entire enterprise, infusing it with a new connective tissue for
communicating, collaborating, and working.

As the particular features and functionality of enterprise
social collaboration have emerged and matured in the market, that
broad original vision has proven a valuable edge – both for us in
the marketplace and for our customers in the real world of

Companies adopting enterprise social computing are both tempted
by the real world benefits of the technology (e.g. better
communication, higher productivity, increased innovation, easier
expertise discovery) and challenged by today’s economic times. They
must make the most out of existing IT investments while avoiding
the type of integration expeditions that were legendary in the cash
flush dot com days.

Built directly on top of SharePoint, our Social Sites 2010
product gives companies the advanced social collaboration benefits
they want, enterprise-wide, with no fuss, no drama. And our agile
development focus on pushing what’s possible in social ensures
their platform investment will always be kept at the forefront of
what’s new and best.

The enterprise social computing wave is growing and we’re glad
to be out front riding it. Congratulations to the NewsGator team
for this great accomplishment!

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