Branding the Office 365 Login Page

Today more and more organizations are transitioning to Office 365 which is a cloud based solution offered by Microsoft. When an organization purchases the Office 365 subscription the Office 365 Login Page can be customized accordingly.

Below is the default login screen:

Office 365 Login Page

In Order to customize the above screen with the Organizations logos and pictures do the following.

Log in to the Admin page of Office 365 and click on AzureAD

Image 2

It will sign in to the Azure Management Portal and click on the relevant domain name to be customized

Image 3

From the domain window select configure

Image 4

Click on Customize branding

Image 5

Browse and locate the necessary images and click on the arrow to move to the next screen and click ok.

Image 6

Once the Azure has been updated the login screen will be changed accordingly.

Image 7

About the Author:    Akfash

Akfash has been in the IT field for more than 10 years and currently working as the Head of Trainings at Tech One Global. Starting his career as a Support Engineer, Akfash has been involved in number of projects involving Microsoft Technologies. Currently Akfash is responsible for Managing the Learnings Division at Tech One Global and occasionally delivers training on Microsoft Certification especially on Windows, SharePoint and Exchange. In addition to this Akfash also manages the Brunei IT Pro User Group.

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