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Time is Running Out – Less Than 2 Weeks Left to Submit!

The ESPC conference in
Barcelona from 5-8 May,
2014 will be a fantastic opportunity for
you to impart your knowledge on Europe’s largest SharePoint
stage. If you want to be considered for the programme, simply submit your
before September 9th.


2 Weeks Left to Submit


We look forward to receiving
submissions to speak on SharePoint as a platform or environment in
areas such as collaboration;
documentcontent and/or
knowledge management; search;
business intelligence; social
; composite applications;
migration; web development;
cloud; mobile devices  and
or any other SharePoint-related topic which you
think will be of interest to the European SharePoint

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One comment on “Time is Running Out – Less Than 2 Weeks Left to Submit!

  1. Merve on

    I am looking to dleevop a solution (using out of the box web parts or SharePoint Designer) that will allow me to rollup all User Tasks lists from a single site into one List that will still display the title of the task and an active link to the InfoPath form being approved/rejected. We are using MOSS2007, Office 2010, and SharePoint Designer 2007. All workflows are written in SharePoint Designer with NO .net code.A little more about the scenario: We have 8 InfoPath forms published on 4 different subsites . I would like to set up a custom home page that would display the logged in users’ outstanding tasks on one site. Currently managers must check 4 different subsites for their tasks or rely solely on the email notifications of tasks (which have been unreliable at best due to an unreliable email server different issue).I have toyed with a content query webpart and can get the actual tasks to display, but not the links to the actual forms. It’s probably a matter of not knowing how to write the queries any guidance/advice would be greatly appreciated.

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