Case Study – Prudential Financial

Prudential Financial Controls Microsoft Teams Sprawl with Cloud Governance

Critical Needs

  • Control over Microsoft Teams and site sprawl
  • Mitigation of IT burden
  • Quick reports on Group ownership and permissions

  • COMPANY NAME: Prudential
  • INDUSTRY: Financial Services
  • PLATFORM: Office 365
  • AVEPOINT SOLUTIONS: Cloud Governance

We tried about four other companies with a whole proof of concept and analysis. We knew we needed help with multiple things – reporting, governance, management, etc. – and AvePoint was the only provider to really cover it all.

Robert YoungIT Engineer, Prudential Financial

Success Highlights

  • Prevented Microsoft Teams sprawl with an automatic ticketing system for provisioning
  • Created site and team ownership with automatic renewal policies
  • Reduced average weekly site and team provisioning requests that have to be manually handled by the IT team from 35 to 3

Read the full case study here

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