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SharePoint 2016 is Microsoft’s document management and collaboration tool with a software-as-a-service (SAAS) strategy at its core. Like SharePoint 2013, the product is offered in the cloud as part of the Office 365 suite and is known as SharePoint Online; the on-premises version is known as SharePoint Server 2016.

Microsoft identified simple sharing and seamless collaboration, the ability to Engage and inform your organisation, a focal point to harness collective knowledge and the ability to transform business processes as some of the main features in this release of SharePoint.

Therefore, with this update, the SharePoint 2016 category is full of handy tips, tricks, advise and How To videos specifically for new and existing SharePoint 2016 users. Check out some of the Step by Step blogs or learn with our expert blogs, eBooks, How To videos and Webinars.

ESPC16 Keynote 3- What is the Future of SharePoint Customisations?
ESPC16 Keynote 3- What is the Future of SharePoint Customisations?

SharePoint has been highly successful in on-premises and in cloud due to its customisations story. We have seen highly customised portals and collaboration sites built with SharePoint in the past 10 years. IT business is changing faster and faster. Expectations from customers are evolving and SharePoint has to align with those business requirements. The Office Dev Patterns… READ MORE

Using SharePoint to streamline your IT department? Yes, please!

“The shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot” – this sentence tends to reflect the situation in many IT departments. Focused on supporting their organisation, they forget about making their own lives easier even though the tools and knowledge to do so are within reach.

This webinar will share ideas on the ‘low-hanging fruit’ for improving the work of internal IT departments. You’ll find out what kinds of workflows can be streamlined and automated and how to design and deliver them with little effort.

Breaking the limits of SharePoint - Intuitively create workflows and web applications
Breaking the limits of SharePoint – Intuitively create workflows and web applications

Automating business processes is one of the most challenging tasks for companies. Usually the tools needed to design workflows and applications are hard to use, limited to one platform or very expensive. In this web session product manager Bernd Hesse will introduce a new way to intuitively create workflows, forms and web applications without the need of programming skills. The focus will be on workflow management seamlessly integrated with Microsoft SharePoint.

Creating a SharePoint Strategy
Creating a SharePoint Strategy

How to plan for a successful SharePoint deployment – Creating a SharePoint strategy is the first step in creating a successful SharePoint deployment. This SharePoint strategy template has been created to guide you through the process of creating a workable SharePoint strategy. Click download eBook above or visit to find out more   Why not explore… READ MORE

SharePoint and Document Automation

To run real live business processes from SharePoint you often need to create Office or PDF documents automatically. In this webinar you will get an overview of the technical options you have including the pros and cons as well as best practices.
See a live demo of pure no-code system integrating SharePoint forms, workflows, complex automated documents and even SAP.