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The essence of a WorkFlow is the progression of steps (tasks, events, interactions) that comprise a work process, which involve two or more persons and creates or add value to the organisation’s activities. In a sequential workflow, each step is dependent on occurrence of the previous step; in a parallel workflow, two or more steps can occur concurrently.

As you can imagine, these can can get quite complicated rather quickly. Naturally, you are going to need help in depicting a sequence of operations, the work of a person or group, the work of an organisation of staff, or one or more simple or complex mechanisms.

Therefore, this category is full of handy tips, tricks, advise. Check out some of the Step by Step blogs or learn from our eBooks, how to videos and webinars.

What's new in SharePoint 2013 Designer
What’s new in SharePoint 2013 Designer

If you have been using SharePoint Designer 2010, then you needto attend this session, Because SharePoint Designer 2013 has lots of enhancements that you will need to be aware of. If you were building Workflows or DVWP, then you need to see the changes, there are big changes and new features in SharePoint Designer 2013… READ MORE

Content Management Workflow: Let's Get Physical
Content Management Workflow: Let’s Get Physical
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Healthy organizations are not that different from healthy bodies. To become a top preformer, you have to stay in physical from, and doing so requires work. You don’t become a marathon runner by siting on the couch and thinking about getting in shape. Is your compnay operating at peak performance? Or are you falling behind deadlines and missing obligations with your vendors and customers?

What's New in 2013
What’s New in 2013
Blog Posts

The short video, presented by Nintex VP Product Technology, Mike Fitzmaurice covers what’s new in Nintex Workflow 2013, with a focus on mobile. The video also covers the Nintex Windows 8 app available in 2013.