Channel Calendar App in Microsoft Teams

We have a new feature in Microsoft Teams. Now, you can add a calendar tab to a channel in your team. This kind of group calendar is a feature many people asked for (even in the past for SharePoint this was one of the frequently asked questions). If you need a calendar for your team to manage for example daily standup meetings or virtual coffee breaks etc., you should try this option.

Select the app “Channel calender”.

Use the search box at the top right corner to find the new app quickly. In the following steps you will add the app to Microsoft Teams, name your new tab (I named my tab “Calendar” instead of the suggested name “Channel calendar”) and decide if you want to inform your team members about the new tab with a post in the team chat.

Channel Calendar App in Microsoft Teams
You are ready to go and you can start managing your team meetings.

The team calendar looks the same as your global calendar. But it’s pretty cool that you can now focus on the meetings of your team. This can be your project team, your organizational unit or your community. And if your team has a lot of team members, it can be helpful to divide your team in several channels (which represent the sub teams) and to manage the meetings of the sub teams there.

Channel Calendar App in Microsoft Teams
Create your team meetings as you are used to do.

Creating new meetings does not differ to the way in your global calendar. The channel is already selected for you and you cannot change the selection. But that’s fine as you are in your team calendar at this moment.

Channel Calendar App in Microsoft Teams
See your meetings with the team “Digital Transformation” for the next work week.

In the past you could create meetings and assign them to a team channel. But there was no option to focus on all meetings assigned to a team. Now you can switch between the several team channel calendars and your global calendar

Watch all your meetings in your global calendar.

Note: You can try to add multiple channel calendar tabs to a channel but it doesn’t make sense as you will share the same calendar in all of these tabs. If you need multiple calendars in your team, you will need to create multiple channels for each of these needs.

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Enders, N. (2021). Channel Calendar App in Microsoft Teams. Available at: [Accessed: 1st December 2021].

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