Citizens developers and the role of Office365

Citizens developers or power to the people, this post will examine citizens developers and the role of Office365.

The world is changing on a rapid pace and modernisation has created the business of today multidimensional. Today we are in a constant competition of accuracy and development towards betterment in our projects which requires a wide range of information management which are by far way too much difficult to be dealt with the traditional management setups.

Today we all need some software assistance in resolving issues being dealt every day and not everyone can afford the long response time required to acquire a software solution neither many of us have the required financial support to get professional solutions. This demand has initiated a new era of ‘’citizen developers’’ where every person in search of a software solution works on the problem to find the required solution which match his needs and is also affordable on his pocket.

What has helped such individuals is the growth of SaaS (software as a service) that helps the solution seeking individuals of today an easy way out of their problems. They do not need to seek complex data management servers and other such multifarious sources to manage their work but instead use already available apps to seek required solutions. These apps are customisable at their end to adjust according to their needs and reduce the time gap of new professional software development which is costly and the availability of which is also limited to many users across the globe. This idea is global in terms of availability and is facilitating users around the company to resolve their issues in time.

Office365 in the Cloud diagram

Office365 in the Cloud

Proper help in this regard is being provided by the Office 365 solution. Office 365 has a fast, easy and manageable approach towards issues most likely occurring in teams. Focusing team efforts to gain the desired results through proper planning and distributed work load by proper team guidelines in business setup is what it is best at.

Tools like Office Groups, Planner of Teams are guiding teams though proper communication, proper channeling of information, employment of a shared vision, accountability, division of labor and inculcating a broader vision for adapting changes so proper growth and improving stability. Office 365 is also providing the opportunity to enable citizen developers to interact with each other and give them a chance to build powerful solutions.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

This idea has actually transferred the work load from professional level to simple users and such helping apps act as a beacon of light guiding the individuals to find solutions to their problems.

Planner Hub in Office365

Planner Hub in Office365

Power Apps, Microsoft Flow and the complete Office365 suite are the main focus of interest in this revolutionizing industry being established at the user end. This idea can and will indeed change the whole perspective of software industry because mostly the problems faced by an individual at micro level are definitely faced by others as well at that same level. This idea of “giving power at User-end” will bring a lot of software solutions that in a short time will end many data management and information technology issues being faced by a lot of people across the company as this idea is fast, affordable and customizable.

A lot of potential lies in this concept of “Citizen Developers” and this idea will have a long term influence on the software industry as it has all what is required to fill in the gaps between problems and their solutions faced by users of today.

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