Coalition and Extranet Information Sharing

Now more than ever coalition military forces must have the ability to work together collaborate and share information in a real-time and secure manner. This need for information sharing is further extended to include NGOs, civilian agencies, and Aid organizations as they work alongside military entities to provide quick and effective responses to natural disasters around the world.

However, despite the need for real-time information sharing, it is also important that cross-firewall replication still maintain strong security. For that reason, IT managers should be able to selectively replicate specific content and be able to configure bi-directional replication through a firewall, not just uni-directional replication. Many products offer content replication, few offer bi-directional replication through a firewall.

Extranet Information Sharing diagram

Metalogix Replicator, formerly known as Syntergy Replicator, is uniquely positioned to facilitate scenarios such as this through our ability to support granular, selective and rules based SharePoint replication. Replicator offers features such as this along with “firewalled mode” which allows for important SharePoint content to be shared with the appropriate external entity without jeopardizing security. Firewalled replication works by allowing one farm to be visible for replication – this farm is then the one that pushes information out, and pulls information in, ensuring that the farm which is protected by the firewall is never actively sharing its content.

With Replicator users also have the ability to decide what specific content is replicated and what is not, based on attributes including Published or Confidential parameters to even further reduce bandwidth requirements or provide logical separation of data. If managers want only selected content replicated, they can define it according to specific metadata and document attributes. Conversely, if managers want to have the entire web application replicated, including the presentation layer, they can make the external user experience virtually identical to the user experience at source location.

Peace of mind is also a reality with Metalogix Connect for Replicator. Connect for Replicator offers enhanced management, monitoring and audit features so that documents can be tracked (and deleted if necessary) as they traverse a multi-tiered SharePoint environment.

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