New Collaboration Tools Present a Challenge for IT Professionals

Demand for Cloud, Mobile and SharePoint Growing

A survey of CIOs and IT directors shows that the sharp increase
in cloud and mobile platforms is changing how people collaborate in
the workplace, and presenting new challenges to corporate IT

Collaboration Tools

Although desktop email remains the preferred collaboration tool
for 71% of workers, 87% of survey respondents generally and 92% of
organizations with 3,000 or more employees have deployed
SharePoint. While 53% indicated that SharePoint is helping their
employees collaborate with colleagues, clients and suppliers, many
respondents also expressed concerns about it. For example, 64% of
respondents in the financial sector reported that SharePoint
requires a high level of customization. SharePoint’s limited
reporting and analytics features were another sticking point for
senior IT management, as was its poor user interface.

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In addition to SharePoint, 54% of survey respondents indicated
that they have already granted business users access to corporate
documents via mobiles or tablets, or plan to within the next 12
months.Managing these new mobile collaboration tools presents a
significant challenge for IT teams tasked with safe-guarding
corporate documents and systems.

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