Compliance for SharePoint, as easy as plug and play

Audit-proof compliance solution for SharePoint and other
document storage systems that’s specially designed for large
organizations with high-volume archiving needs. Works in the
background, automatically converting every document or set of
documents into a valid PDF/A or TIF file that’s deployed wherever
you need it-back into SharePoint or directly into any archiving
system. Comprehensive feature set including watermarking, metadata
stamping, PDF compounding, load-balancing, failover, PDF security
and more. Excellent for records management needs.

• Support the automatic pre-processing of source files in any
required way before they are converted to PDF/A or TIF
• Automatically initiate conversion and archiving whenever
documents are added or updated
• Provide robust and flexible functions for calculating and
stamping metadata and watermarks
• Automatically extract audit trails from document managers
and other systems to be included in the archive document
• Support the compounding of multiple documents or document
sets as single PDF/A documents-including metadata, watermarking,
tables of contents and sequential page numbering
• Be sensitive to security issues: author security may be
different than reader security
• Support the generation of valid PDF/A files from any source
format-including PDF
• Support high-speed conversion, routing, load balancing and
failover for destructively large document sets

The Hyper.Net Compliance Module is designed to accommodate
compliance requirements by including all of the features a
bullet-proof, audit-proof archiving solution needs to function
properly at the enterprise level-even when millions of documents
are involved. It handles the entire process of archiving digital
assets with one automated, streamlined, server-based product.


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2011 in Berlin.

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