Kimmo Bergius

Kimmo Bergius works as the Chief Technology Officer at Sulava Oy ( and is responsible for the technology portfolio of the services that Sulava offers. An expert on Office 365, Azure AD, Azure and the EM+S suite, he spends most of his time on customer projects to implement and manage these services, but is often also speaking about them to different audiences in Finland and abroad.

Kimmo started dabbling with Microsoft products nearly 30 years ago, starting with OS/2 and the earliest versions of Windows (yes, the one that needed DOS), and then moving on to Windows NT. He has worked with most of the Microsoft server products over the years, and when Microsoft started to come out with cloud services 10 years ago, he moved to working with the cloud as well. During his 13 years at Microsoft he worked as the Chief Security Advisor for Microsoft Finland, advising customers on how to secure their Microsoft environments. For the past 5 years he has worked with Sulava customers on Office 365, Azure and Azure AD, and the whole EM+S suite of products making sure that the functionality is implemented and managed securely.

Read Kimmo’s ESPC19 tutorial: Azure and Azure AD for Developers and session: Monitoring and Logging Office 365 using Azure Sentinel

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