Using a state-of-the-art, enterprise content transformation technology named Hyper.Net, Coextant helps organizations completely automate the deployment of authored content to diverse platforms, technologies, applications and mobile devices in every required format, structure and language—all optimized to ensure the most efficient end-user experience and the greatest organizational flexibility.Applications from Coextant include:
– Coextant XT: The eBook publisher
– Hyper.Net: The eManual Engine
– Hyper.Net PDF: The PDF and PDF/A Conversion for Documents and eMail
– Hyper.Net ECT: The Enterprise Content Transformation Web Service
Hyper.Net works seamlessly with SharePoint and makes it easy to create intuitive, graceful solutions that: Deploy Office documents, SharePoint lists, drawings and other files online in multiple formats at the same time;
Satisfy complex PDF/A conversion requirements involving watermarking, metadata stamping and custom content manipulation;
Integrate email in any format into the PDF/A generation process;
Blend together and “normalize” content from many sources for deployment in employee portals and social media solutions;
Integrate content between every application: Hyper.Net accepts content from any system, transforms it into the requiredformats and deploys it into any system, including back into SharePoint document and page libraries.Contact Information:
Web: Email: Tel: +49 172 71 26 7

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