BCT (1985) is one of the largest players in the European Enterprise Content Management market. BCT is an ISV headquartered in the Netherlands and with offices in Belgium and Germany. Our 200 ECM-professionals serve over 800 customers in Western Europe: the Benelux, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden and the United Kingdom. BCT’s 4 product lines are:1. CORSA: the agile, scalable ECM-platform with complete functionality for heterogeneous environments2. Sha-Peau: the user-friendly extension for SharePoint 2007/2010 3. IDT Capture: innovation in input management4. Liber: online-BPM for customer-interactionAll product lines can be delivered on-premise as well as in the cloud.Sha-Peau:

  • Sha-Peau adds value to SharePoint in the field of input management, invoicing, document, record and  workflow management.
  • Sha-Peau is the workflow-engine for document-based processes. All business processes can be definedwithout programming.
  • Sha-Peau has an intuitive user interface for optimal usability.
  • Sha-Peau integrations are available for several ERP and financial systems, e.g. Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Sha-Peau can be delivered on-premise as well as in the cloud. Sha-Peau is available on the MS Azure Platform.For more information, visit www.bctsoftware.eu or contact Romy Farber (romy.farber@bctsoftware.de +49 241 463 683 10).Booth 29
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