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We are a leading news portal dedicated to the digital transformation in the data center, domain, cloud, web hosting and reseller industry.

Web hosting and data center industry has an extensive information pool that needs to be shared to benefit the industry at large, but the knowledge flow is uneven due to the unavailability of quality online resources, specific to the niche.

We keep a close watch on the latest trends and bring the most refined pieces of information to service providers, industry veterans, key decision makers, IT executives and thought leaders. Being closer to the industry, we know what you as readers are most interested in or should be more aware of.

We fill this gap by providing a comprehensive information portal that promotes knowledge sharing and interaction between the industry members via news, informative articles, infographics, CXOs interviews, industry events’ reports and more.

If you are a developer, programmer, web professional, designer, system administrator, reseller or a knowledge seeking IT enthusiast, then DHN is your one stop destination to stay updated about the latest industry trends.

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