DevScope is a dynamic, agile, experienced company specialised in mentoring and development services on cutting-edge technologies. The company evolves around passionate teams to design and build innovative apps and solutions for BI, Big Data and data visualisation, CRM, collaboration and web portals, integration platforms, SaaS, cloud and mobile.

DevScope is proud to be on the cutting-edge and help Microsoft and their customers adopt the latest technologies. DevScope is an early adopter in many products and solutions, so, often is a part of TAP (Technology Adoption Programs) and later on the “Beta” teams, to evaluate and test Microsoft’s products, before they are widely distributed in the market. Indeed we know how best to use these technologies no matter your business or technical landscape. It means customers reap the benefits of faster implementations, reduced risk, and significant cost savings. Collective experience and deep knowledge of Microsoft enterprise technologies helps our customers get the most out of their investments.

DevScope is Microsoft’s Gold Certified Partner, continuously renews the commitment to the highest level of partnership, acting primarily as a services offering, specifically in Business Intelligence, Collaboration (Sharepoint), CRM, Office/Excel add-ons, Systems Integration (EAI, MIIS) and in Mobile development.

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