ERS IT Solutions

ERS IT Solutions have been at the forefront of solution delivery for over 25 years specialising in developing solutions around the Microsoft Solution Stack particularly using Office 365, SharePoint, .NET and the Azure Platform. Our success is driven by our teams in-depth knowledge of these applications, their ability to perform micro level analysis, and an exceptional set of skills that guarantee the delivery of innovative solutions that solve real-world business process problems for our customers.

Innovation is the cornerstone of our solutions delivery process enabling us to develop applications that drive productivity and efficiency throughout thousands of organisations across the globe. With extensive experience around ‘Mobility Solutions’, we have successfully delivered hundreds of mobile applications that have solved business process problems for mobile teams across many diverse business sectors.

We have developed numerous custom SharePoint and Office 365 plug-in and standalone applications including Expense Management, Case Management, Asset Management, Task Management, Job Scheduling, Project Collaboration, Room Booking, to name but a few.

Our agile development methodologies have been successfully employed across hundreds of organisations from small to medium sized businesses to large enterprise organisations.

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