The FireStart BPM Platform is the perfect solution to complete SharePoint and Office 365 with professional process modelling, intelligent workflow automation and profound business process analytics out of the box. Therefore, it allows companies to rapidly benefit from BPM with rapid prototyping and a zero code approach. FireStart has been successfully adopted across various verticals, including manufacturing, insurance, utilities and healthcare. It was designed to make it incredibly easy to model processes, thereby empowering users who are not experts in process management to easily navigate around the BPM platform. These processes can be transferred easily into workflows with smart adapters to the existing IT landscape, including CRM, ERP, and HR systems. People can easily use existing collaboration environment such as SharePoint or Outlook to participate in the workflows. This reduces manual data entry tasks and improving data quality across the organisation. Visibility of processes and process performance, including expected time and cost metrics, allows senior management to understand at a glance how their organisation’s processes impact company performance. FireStart makes it easy to bring your organisation into the world of business process excellence.

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FireStart: Use Case Attorney Onboarding

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