JFDI – Powered by Casper365

Casper365 is a SharePoint Online and Office 365 Automation Platform – designed to simplify and delegate SharePoint online provisioning services and governance. Casper365 is a cloud platform provisioning solution that completely automates the deployment of complete SharePoint solutions directly into Office 365.


Casper365 is ideally suited for enterprise companies who need to allow users to create new SharePoint sites via a governed and managed self-service portal.Capser365 is equally important for partners since it empowers them to deploy SharePoint Online templates to multiple tenancies.


JFDI Consulting solves problems, through ready-made solutions, custom R&D and consultancy. Aardvark Sales for Teams is just one of those solutions, working out of the box to automate your sales pipeline inside the premier collaborative environment of Microsoft Teams. Like everything from JFDI, Aardvark is also highly flexible and customisable.


The growing family of Aardvark apps for Microsoft Teams help you manage a wide range of processes relating to specific types of business – like case management, clinical testing, training programmes and more.


JFDI and Casper365 are Microsoft Business Applications Preferred Charter Partners.

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