Pingar  provides document understanding tools and technologies, improving the way organizations interact with content. The technology tags documents so users don’t need to, increasing user adoption, bringing unstructured content into structured processes and improving search. Pingar enabled organizations are finding content faster, relying on users less, and improving business processes. Pingar’s Entity Extractor for SharePoint installs in minutes. In a day organizations can start experiencing the benefits of advanced language technology in their Environment. As a user uploads a document, keywords are automatically extracted. Extraction can happen on a per-document level or batch of documents. Organizations can leverage the benefits of additional metadata, and more consistent metadata.Pingar’s advanced text analytics platform transforms enterprise information into intelligence using intuitive and powerful technology that harnesses the power of text mining, natural language processing & machine learning. Pingar’s algorithms search enterprise data stores and create multiple metadata values automatically and consistently, including terms and keywords from custom or public taxonomies.

Pingar to an existing content or document management solution delivers the ability to search, share and summarize unstructured or poorly structured data, and gain more contextually relevant results, adding incremental value without replacing existing software, and little additional user training. For more information visit

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