SigningHub by Ascertia

SigningHub by Ascertia provides advanced long-term digital signatures, flexible document workflow and approval and status tracking.  Integrated into core business applications or used in standalone mode, SigningHub optimises how businesses deliver, review, approve and sign documents. Every SigningHub e-signature is legally enforceable and complies with international regulatory bodies.  Aligning to ISO standards ensures documents can be verified independently of SigningHub and even offline.  SigningHub enables organisations to reduce costs, increase data security, improve process efficiency, and prevent time-consuming errors.

Available as an on-premise solution or via a public or private cloud service, SigningHub’s flexibility delivers long-term business results regardless of an organisation’s processes or IT applications.  Ascertia’s products and services are trusted by national governments, financial companies, telecommunications operators, healthcare providers and many other organisations required to maintain secure business processes. For more information please visit:

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