Content Services for SharePoint 2010 and the Web

Hyper.Net® 6: Re-purposing, publication and
distribution of documents including new, comprehensive support for
the regulatory-compliant conversion and storage of documents in
repositories and archiving systems 

Hyper.Net is an enterprise Web Service that automatically
re-purposes documents and other information managed in SharePoint
and other document storage solutions into user-optimized,
multi-format content that is ready for deployment in archiving
systems, intranets, information portals, Web sites and social
networks. The product is widely used internationally to completely
automate the flow of corporate information to the end-user
community. The new version, which offers full support for
SharePoint 2010 and all Microsoft Office 2010 formats, also
provides full, unrestricted support for SharePoint Foundation, a
battery of new content re-purposing functions, new features
enabling the rapid creation of compliance solutions and an improved
administrator’s interface. A special highlight of the new version
is a Web Service interface that enables organizations to use
Hyper.Net as a centralized, platform-independent service provider
that can accept transformation requests from any application or
technology and return the published results synchronously or

Hyper.Net Highlights

Conversion: In addition to the built-in services
for generating XML, HTML, PDF, PDF/A and Flash content, Hyper.Net
now also makes it possible to easily integrate any traditional
command-line document converter into its run-time process. The new
interface enables organizations to supplement Hyper.Net at any time
with the conversion power needed to respond quickly to any specific
business need-the conversion of AutoCAD files, for example, or the
production of valid, metadata-stamped PDF/A files capturing the
content of single documents or entire records of documents related
to any specific business process.

Ebooks: Using its powerful, intelligent parser,
Hyper.Net 6.2 provides fully automated conversion of documentation
into richly-formatted ebooks based on the standard .epub

Web content management: Hyper.Net already enables
Microsoft SharePoint Server to function as a complete Web Content
Management solution supporting the re-purposing and publication of
documents and other content. In Hyper.Net 6.2, this same technology
has been extended to function with SharePoint Foundation without
limitation of power. Documents can thus be managed in SharePoint
Server or SharePoint Foundation and their corresponding re-purposed
content can be published back into either of these systems or
easily integrated and shared with systems and business processes
beyond the boundaries of SharePoint.

Out-of-the-box Employee Portal for SharePoint:
Hyper.Net’s popular employee portal solution for SharePoint Server
and SharePoint Foundation was completely implemented using
SharePoint technologies from the ground up. The robust solution,
which has been enhanced to include the latest Hyper.Net features
and take maximal advantage of SharePoint 2010 technology, provides
businesses with a standardized, flexible, customizable and
extendable product that can be quickly and uniformly stamped out
throughout the organization to respond to requirements for nearly
every type of intranet solution. The comprehensive feature set
includes the completely automatic conversion, re-purposing and
personalized deployment of approved documents in HTML, PDF and
ebook formats. The solution is especially well-suited for the
conversion of manuals of every type into user-friendly, online
publications that are always up to date and available for use
online and in print.

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Enhanced scalability: Hyper.Net ensures extremely
secure and reliable operation in the data center. Hyper.Net is
increasingly selected by large organizations that need to process
extremely large document collections at high speed or implement
instantaneous or down-to-the-second scheduled deployment of mission
critical information. Hyper.Net’s parallel content transformation
processes can now also be configured to respond to any need. They
can be run in parallel on one server or distributed across multiple
servers. In this case, Hyper.Net’s Workload Manager ensures optimal
resource allocation (load balancing) across all servers and steps
in as well to provide intelligent failover. Hyper.Net can be run
synchronously-tightly integrated with SharePoint’s document
management functions-and also asynchronously via the Hyper.Net Web
Service interface.

SharePoint Special Treat: All SharePoint users
connected to servers where Hyper.Net has been installed receive an
extra-special treat. A special icon in the SharePoint library
ribbon allows users to select any number of documents of any type.
These are then merged on-demand into a single PDF and saved.

Über Coextant Systems International AG
Coextant Systems helps businesses automate and optimize the flow
of content within the organization. Its mature products completely
automate the population and management of content in portals and
other business-critical applications. Modern Web Services
technologies convert, publish, distribute and integrate authored
content across platforms, applications and technologies in multiple
formats, structures and languages.

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