How to Create a Business App from scratch in under 45 minutes: webinar Q&A

After Greg Stras with WEBCON presented the simple and effective way to create a business app in a snap webinar, ‘Business application from scratch in under 45 minutes‘ we have received some questions from the attendees. Here are the answers some of you have been counting on.

Can all business applications be implemented using this solution?

Yes, WEBCON BPS is a platform to create any app that your business needs. It streamlines all types of business processes: critical, industry/business-specific, and supportive. You can learn more about various use cases and BPM scenarios on the webcon website, where we describe examples of both all-purpose and industry-specific workflows. Some business applications that our clients have come up with are very ingenious, indeed!
Or, visit to try 6 free, ready-to-use workflows dedicated for IT departments. If you need more information, please contact and request a demo presentation, no strings attached.

How long does it take to implement a business application?

The time needed to implement a business app depends on many elements: the requirements, how complicated the form is, how many steps there are in a workflow, or whether there is any integration, or not. WEBCON’s experience shows that simple applications can be implemented in approx. one afternoon, and the more complicated in a few days.

Is there import/export to Visio or Aris?

No, the two technologies are incompatible as WEBCON BPS is first and foremost a BPM execution tool, and not a modelling one. WEBCON BPS has its own process modeler, which is inspired by BPM 2.0, but its purpose is to facilitate a more effective app creation, and to demonstrate processes, for example to business executives.

Is it possible to connect to another SharePoint list on the form, either by an action, or a script language?
For example, to add dynamic approvers to a workflow based on a list?

Yes. In WEBCON BPS we can use a number of external databases and systems as the source of data, including SharePoint databases. We can also assign tasks to approvers dynamically, based on a list.

What are the prices for WEBCON BPS?

License pricing is strictly related to the scope of use, so to give you an honest appraisal, we need to know a bit more about your needs. Please contact our Consulting team at and share about your organisation and its needs, they will be more than happy to assist you.

There’s also available a fully-functional EXPRESS version of our system, which is free of charge, with no time limit, for evaluation and productive use, using up to 10 GB of data. It will allow you to create your own business applications, you might use as well 6 ready-to-use workflows dedicated for IT departments.

What is the technical architecture of WEBCON BPS – how does it integrate with SharePoint/Office365?

Feel free to read an expert article which explains the solution architecture, and in case you need more detailed information on integration with other systems, our Consulting team will answer all your questions.

Is the app for OnPrem & Online?

Yes. WEBCON BPS is available both on-premises and in the cloud. Learn more about creating and managing your workflows anytime and anywhere, and in case you have further questions, just contact us.

How can I integrate other applications, such as an ERP system?

Feel free to read an expert article about WEBCON BPS flexible integration mechanisms, and if you come up with any further questions, we are here to answer them.


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