Difference between Free Microsoft Teams and Paid version through Office 365

If you are an individual you can get teams for free following this tutorial. For companies, that will be covered in my next post.

This tool is good for you if you also want to share and collaborate documents with your team, use visio conference, chat, share notes on a whiteboard.

Unless Zoom or Slack , Microsoft Teams is fully integrated with Office Online allowing you to edit documents right inside the tool.

What are the difference between free Microsoft Teams and paid version through Office 365?

Paid version gives your user 1 TeraByte instead of 2GB. Yes 1 TeraByte of data for your account, through One Drive. This is more for companies!

It also come with Office 365 other services, useful for companies.

Also you can’t schedule meetings inside Teams and record them. As a workaround you can send an email invitation to ask to meet at a certain time.

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Source: Microsoft

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Almost 10 years later, from SharePoint on Premise to Office 365, I love every aspects with these technologies. From development to training, consulting, architecture to pre-sales, I’ve been enjoying the path because we see the impact of collaborative solutions on daily life employees.

Initially, I posted on my blog what I couldn’t find on the internet about troubleshooting issues about SharePoint. Then it evolves into reviews, and notes for myself, before I forget :).


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