Digital Signatures Allow CPI to Realize the Full Value of its SharePoint solution by ARX

Adding digital signatures to our SharePoint deployment has
changed the way we’ve done business,
” said Hans Christansen,
CEO, CPI. “It has saved us money and significantly improved our
customer service.


At C&P Inspection (CPI), an inspection and quality assurance
firm, the investment in SharePoint centered on the need to make it
easier for the firm’s worldwide team of inspectors to manage
reports generated at customer locations around the world. However,
signature approvals required on these reports forced printed
documents into the workflow, preventing CPI from leveraging the
full benefits of its investment in business automation.


The reintroduction of paper into our workflow was a major
hindrance in our ability to enjoy the full benefits of our
investment in Microsoft SharePoint,
” said Carsten Peyk, IT
Manager at CPI. “I quickly understood that something as simple
as integrating a signing solution with our pre-existing document
management system would immediately rectify the issues, saving us
time and money, and increasing the services we could provide to our


With digital signatures seamlessly integrated with SharePoint,
every step of CPI’s workflows – from document creation through to
signature approval and archiving – can remain electronic. By
eliminating the expenses associated with paper-based approval
processes, CPI saved approximately $90,000 in only the first year
of deploying digital
signatures for SharePoint


SharePoint facilitates efficient, cost-effective collaboration
across the enterprise, but the lack of a digital signature
component introduces time, cost, and complexity to any process that
requires a signature approval. By deploying digital signature
capabilities with SharePoint, organizations can realize the full
value of their investment in automation. Learn more about how
digital signatures can enhance your SharePoint deployment by
watching a 2-minute
video demo

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