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At PleaseTech, we have found that cartoons can be a very good
way to get a message across- simply. We develop solutions to
facilitate collaborative document review and this can be a
challenging subject to explain in a few words! In fact, we do
receive great feedback on our cartoons and now they have now taken
on a life of their own.
We’ve just launched a new cartoon website (
which takes a humorous view on events and stories that appear in
the world media- from a document review point, of course. We
believe that if only the right document review tool had been used,
then things may have turned out quite differently!

Document Review

Another reason for the democratic deficit?

As European leaders met to discuss creating closer ties between
Eurozone economies, it soon became clear that the nightmare of
document review could have an adverse effect on the ideals of

ESPC call for speakers 2024
PleaseTech Ltd is taking a humorous view on events and stories
that appear in the world media. Check out more cartoons from
pleaseTech by clicking

New cartoons will be added regularly to keep up the momentum and
continue to spread the word.
Ps. We would also be very glad to entertain any suggestions for
future cartoons!

PleaseTech were Silver Exhibitors at the European SharePoint Conference 2011. Stay tuned for
more information on the next European SharePoint Conference event
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