Dynamics 365 Maps: Combining CRM + Location Intelligence to Create a Great Customer Experience Strategy!

If your business is stuck in a vicious rut of unorganized processes and unsynchronized operations, if your schedules are haywire, overspending on travel is a persistent problem, work-life balance is missing then read along and explore a helpful solution!

A simplified multi-language geo-analytical solution for increased business productivity is on the rise. The first Geolocation solution to earn the Prestigious ‘Solution Partner with Certified Software’ Designation on Microsoft AppSource!

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Maplytics is a comprehensive geo-mapping app that empowers business decision-makers to harness the power of geo-analytics by visualizing CRM data on the Map. It helps with Data Analytics and Visualization, Smart and Disciplined Navigation, Sustainable Fuel and Time Consumption, Expansion in Diverse Markets, Supportive Customer Relationships, Upscaled Business Productivity, and a lot more!

What are the unique offerings of Maplytics?

Some of the best-selling features of Maplytics are as follows, for a complete list you can refer to our docs site

Radius/ Proximity Search-

Users can plot client records around them within a specific radius in terms of travel distance/ travel time even while being on the field.

Territory Management-

Auto-create or draft territories on the map, perform binary operations and assign single/multiple territories to records with assignment rules.

Auto-Scheduling of Appointments-

Multi-user, multi-day auto-optimized appointment planning. Pre-plan multi-day appointments for multiple users.

Route Optimization-

Plan travel routes, and find more records along them and around places of interest with navigation directions for Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Waze App.

Real-Time Tracking-

Track field sales/service reps in real-time on the map in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

Benefits of Using Maplytics

The key benefits of integrating CRM with Maps using Maplytics are:

  1. Better understanding, analysis, and improved decision-making in real-time
  2. Strengthen relationships and improve the quality of customer engagement and discussions
  3. Reduce fuel consumption and shorten the time of travel
  4. Effective targeting in new markets
  5. Strengthen a good client relationship
  6. Upscale Business Productivity
  7. Compatibility with all mobile devices and other Microsoft modules such as Field Service, Sales, Customer Service, etc.

Notable achievements experienced by the users of Maplytics are-

  • Reduction of 12 minutes per appointment travel, or 16 hours per day for field reps
  • Operational savings of $6,000 per month
  • Cutback on Territory creation time from a couple of days to a few hours
  • Multi-device use in 10+ global languages for localized experience

User’s Account on Maplytics

With Maplytics, ReEmployAbility, a B2B Service Industry company, supporting Insurance Companies and Employers nationwide, is now able to easily visualize and quickly discover work opportunities in a set radius, contact businesses directly, notify them that a volunteer is available, share directions with clients, and more within a single, interactive map.

Interested in Maplytics?

Download a free trial of 15 days from the Microsoft AppSource or Maplytics website.

Contact Maplytics Team at crm@inogic.com for more information on this 5-star rated app which is a perfect add-on for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM / Dataverse, and analyze your CRM with an improved perspective of location intelligence.

About Inogic

Inogic is one of the leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 ISVs renowned for its 15+ Microsoft Preferred Co-sell ready Productivity Apps on Microsoft AppSource & Professional Services for Outsourcing, Migration, AI, and Copilot application development, etc. To learn more about Inogic, visit https://www.inogic.com

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