eBook: Create a Blank Web App & Using Templates

In this chapter from ‘Extend Microsoft Access Applications to the Cloud’, you’ll see how you can create a new blank web app using design tools without needing to import existing data. Andrew Couch looks at basic design activities such as creating lookups and relationships, adding validation rules, indexing, and using calculated fields.

Blank Web App

Create a Blank Web App


This is your complete, practical guide to creating Microsoft Access web apps and migrating existing databases to the cloud.

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About the author: Andrew Couch, MVP, UK

Blank Web App

Andrew Couch

As a founding member of UK Access User Group, I have worked as magazine editor, guest speaker, trainer and website manager for this group and also UK Office User Group. From starting my career writing assembly code working with popular programming languages I have continued programming for over 15 years and have seasoned experience with many varieties of databases and client-server developments.

I work with a number of partner organisations to undertake work within diverse industries from some of the world’s large financial institutions to manufacturing companies and start up businesses. As a developer my favourite back-end development tool is SQL Server, and favourite front-end tool is Access, however occasionally I find that .Net is a better solution for my clients.

My key expertise is in migrating large Access databases from Access back-ends to SQL Server. Over the past 10 years myself and clients have been using my own migration tool, which is now packaged as a commercial product at http://www.upsizing.co.uk. This product is in use by over 150 companies worldwide and is a leading solution in self-contained accurate query translation tools.

Having spent a lot of time writing white-papers and sharing expertise with communities I have recently focused on working with Microsoft Press to publish technical resources. I am author of, Access 2010 VBA Programming Inside/Out and have acted as Technical Reviewer for Microsoft Press on Access 2010 Inside/Out.

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