Building Solutions with Microsoft Graph

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Microsoft Graph eBook: Microsoft Graph is the access point to many Microsoft APIs (Office 365,, Excel Online, SharePoint, OneDrive, Skype, etc.) and unlocks many scenarios like accessing user and organization data, interacting with Calendar,  and editing Office documents stored in OneDrive from an app. In this book we’ll see the architecture of Microsoft Graph, how to interact with Microsoft Graph and the possibilities it offers.



About the Author:

Purvin has spent more than 12 years working on Microsoft technologies. He has built a suite of social products for SharePoint and Azure with Attini Software . These products made extensive use of SharePoint platform, and were designed to work to make SharePoint more social with Blogs, Video, Micro-Blogging and News. As an Architect Purvin has been working with SharePoint’s largest global customers, like Shell. He’s a Fellow at Rapid Circle.


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