The Connected Intranet: Make O365/Hybrid experiences complete using Cloud Hybrid Search and Connectors

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For today’s intranets to be effective, they must bring together the information and tools workers need to get their jobs done. But our content lives in silos, spread across multiple line-of-business systems and cloud-based applications. It’s well proven that providing unified access across these systems improves efficiency dramatically, and also has a very positive effect on discovery of new insights and connections. The Connected Intranet is a pattern that works well.

It is now possible to provide unified access across multiple repositories economically – leveraging new facilities in Office 365 and Hybrid SharePoint. You can deploy a Connected Intranet running in the cloud, on-prem, or hybrid.

This white paper outlines how to include external content in O365 and Hybrid SharePoint experiences – without moving it or copying it. It also introduces BA Insight’s connectivity products, which provide high performance, secure crawling of content from many different enterprise systems into O365 and Hybrid SharePoint.

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