Exploring PowerShell Automation

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Exploring PowerShell Automation is a selection of chapters that gives you an overview of using PowerShell to administer your environment.

Richard Siddaway has been involved in the production of all of these chapters either as an author or an editor, and has chosen them specifically to represent the breadth of possibilities for administering your systems through PowerShell. The first two chapters provide an overview of PowerShell and PowerShell remoting. The remaining three chapters give you examples of using PowerShell to administer SQL Server, IIS and Active Directory – three components that you’ll find in practically any Windows environment.

Download Chapter One: “An Introduction to PowerShell”

This chapter covers:

  • What is PowerShell
  • PowerShell example code
  • Core concepts
  • Parsing the PowerShell language
  • How the pipeline works
  • Formatting and output
  • Summary

You can download the full eBook for free from Manning Productions here

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