GDPR and your darkest secrets

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GDPR and your darkest secrets

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In the world of GDPR, your darkest secrets are those belonging to your customers, business partners and employees.

These dark scary secrets hide in the shadow of your systems in the form of personal data…

Are you scared???

They say that if you confront your fears then things will be better, but to confront them you need to know where and what they are.

This eBook will help you find your companies’ deepest darkest GDPR secrets, understand what they are and where appropriate banish the fear away and keep you safe.

Will you dare look in the dark and dusty cupboard with me?


About the author

Antony Clay

Ant is Founder & CEO of Soulsailor Consulting Ltd, a micro-consultancy enabling organisational value by positively disrupting your technology projects.

He is the author of ‘The SharePoint Governance Manifesto’, Innovation Games® Qualified Instructor, Certified Collaboration Architect, trained facilitator and one of a new breed of SharePoint business technology consultants.

Known to ask clients repeatedly “Why they are doing their technology projects?” until they breakdown and admit “they just don’t know”, Ant works extensively on client projects using collaborative play techniques, to help them innovate and align technology to organisational outcomes, whilst changing the way they work through facilitation, visualisation, Gamestorming and storytelling.

Ant spends his time consulting, writing and speaking on a range of topics including SharePoint, Office365, Yammer, Collaboration, Requirements Facilitation, Governance, Change Management, Gamification and User Adoption.


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