Getting Started with Containers in Azure

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Deploy and execute Microsoft Azure container and containerized applications on Azure. This is the second book in Shimon Ifrah’s series on containers that will help you manage and scale containers along with their applications, tools and services.

Download Chapter 2: Store and Manage Docker Container Images on Azure Container Registry (ACR).

This chapter will cover the following:

  • Overview of Azure Container Registry (ACR)
  • Installing the Docker Desktop client
  • Installing Visual Studio Code and the Docker extension
  • Enabling the Azure Container Registry (ACR) service in Azure
  • Authenticating to ACR from a local machine
  • Tagging and pushing Docker images to ACR
  • Pulling a Docker image from ACR to a local machine
  • Securing our ACR container registry

Excerpt reprinted with permission from Apress for the book Getting Started with Containers in Azure by Shimon Ifrah (Feb 2020).

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