The Curated Guide to Office 365 Migration and Adoption

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Sharegate have discussed with many IT professionals throughout the years who have taken on the tremendous task of moving their organisation’s business applications from SharePoint On-Premises to the cloud. The takeaway from most of these conversations is that the pressure on IT is high to ensure these big projects run smoothly, primarily because of the sheer amount of sensitive data involved, but also because businesses have high expectations when it comes to Office 365 user adoption. They’ve heard that collaboration and productivity will skyrocket – and IT has to make sure it happens.

Luckily, Microsoft has put measures in place, like the SharePoint Modern Experience, to ensure a positive experience for end users as well as to increase adoption and productivity. Thing is, the path to the modern experience is anything but a straight line. If this is your first migration project, it might seem like a long and complex ride to get to the cloud and fully understand what it offers. But don’t despair! There are tons of IT professionals and consultants that have been doing this for years, and most are eager to share their knowledge with the community via forums, websites, blog posts and the like. But knowing you’re on a tight schedule, so Sharegate have curated what they think are some of the best articles, written by professionals, that can help you plan your migration and increase the adoption of your Office 365.

You can read the eBook from cover to cover, but if you’ve already moved to SharePoint Online or Office 365, just jump to the second part. There, you’ll learn more about the modern experience and what Office 365 is all about.

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