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Understanding Azure Site Recovery – Implementing Operations Management Suite

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Learn how to protect, back up, recover, and monitor your data and infrastructure in the cloud with Microsoft’s Operations Management Suite (OMS), Azure Backup, and Azure Site Recovery.

Azure Site Recovery (ASR) is part of the “Business Continuity” features of Operations Management Suite. As that is exactly what it does, providing a solution to make sure businesses can run their applications in case of a disaster. This is made possible by replicating on-premises servers to Azure virtual machines. Or, replicating machines between 2 datacenters, and using Azure Site Recovery (ASR) as the control and failover/failback management solution, without replicating data to the Azure cloud itself.

This chapter focuses on the overall features and possibilities, as well as describing the architectural topology of Azure Site Recovery.

Topics include:

  • Introduction to Disaster Recovery
  • Introduction to Azure Site Recovery
  • What can be replicated with Azure Site Recovery
  • Azure Site Recovery Capacity Planning
  • Optimizing Azure Site Recovery Replication
  • Planning your firewall configuration
  • Planning your network topology

This chapter is an excerpt from the book Implementing Operations Management Suite, by Peter De Tender with permission from Apress, a publisher of technical books.

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