The Importance of Good Communication in User Adoption

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Have you ever experienced an implementation of new technology, and found people were not aware of what was happening, or when, or what they needed to do? Or worse: there was no understanding of why we are even doing this?
I was working with someone from internal communications the other day, and he was baffled about a question an employee had. ‘But we have communicated this!’ So what could have gone wrong?

Without going into this specific case, there are several things that regularly go wrong in the communication:

  1.  The communication is not planned, but very ad-hoc, and therefore not well balanced, targeted or timed.
  2.  There is a communication overload: too much, too many, too late. Big announcements, with a lot of words, and many messages in a short time.
  3.  There is not a clear message ‘core’ that resonates in all communication messages. Not making the messages being coherent and focus on the main point(s) to come across.
  4.  Communicating from what ‘we have to say’ rather than from ‘what I need to hear’. Often communication professionals, as part of the project team implementing the new technology can get too deep into it. There is a lot to say, and e may have blind-spots due to our in-depth knowledge. This could prevent us from really understanding what an employee needs (and at what time) because we know there is so much to explain.
  5. Communication is targeted at a generic group of people, not taking into account learning styles, education level, role, etcetera. The messages speaks to ‘everyone’, therefore no one really feels engaged.

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