Introducing Microsoft Teams – The Pocket Book

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Microsoft Teams is a collaboration hub that brings conversations, persistent chat, calls, meetings, files, content and applications together in one place. Introducing Microsoft Teams book, gives IT system admins, consultant the comprehensive coverage they need to creatively utilize Microsoft Teams services. Microsoft is adding new capabilities from Skype for Business, SharePoint, Office 365 group to Teams, this administrative guide walks you through industry best practices from planning to understand, enable, configure, integrate, user provisioning, management, monitoring and troubleshooting teams with step by step instruction and examples.

This book is pocket book version of “Introducing Microsoft Teams”, which exclusively focuses on Microsoft Teams architecture, Teams client and service side troubleshooting.

Topics discussed:
1. What is Microsoft Teams?
2. High Level Architecture
3. Enable and configure Microsoft Teams
4. Teams and Channels
5. Teams capabilities and enhancement
6. Journey from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams
7. Understand Microsoft Teams basic troubleshooting

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