Measuring the intangible SharePoint Social ROI

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‘Intangible’ is defined as ‘difficult to define or describe clearly, but nonetheless perceived’. So let me ask you a question:

“What is the most intangible set of features in SharePoint?”
It may be a hard one to call, but based on my experience, ‘social’ is definitely up there! Everyone is wrestling with how to prove the real value that most of us instinctively know exists in delivering SharePoint social feature, but how do we measure SharePoint Social ROI?

This eBook strives to answer that question and arm you with a range of insights and techniques that you can use today.

About the Author:

Ant is Founder and CEO of Soulsailor Consulting Ltd and is an Innovation Games® Qualified Instructor and Trained Facilitator and one of a new breed of SharePoint ‘business technology consultants’. Working with clients to innovate and align technology investments to organisational outcomes whilst changing the way they work
through facilitation, visualisation, Serious Games and organisational storytelling. Known to ask clients repeatedly “Why?” until they breakdown and admit “they
just don’t know”. Ant consults, coaches and speaks on a range of topics including SharePoint, collaboration, innovation technology platforms and Governance and delivers a number of innovative training and workshop sessions

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