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Microsoft Azure IaaS Defense In Depth Guide – Defend Your Azure Network

Microsoft Azure IaaS Defense In Depth Guide - Defend Your Azure Network

Cloud computing offers number of benefits compared with on-premises, including hardware cost savings, hyper-scale advanced workload to fully automation capability to step up to DevOps cultural transformation. Organisations are looking into transforming their infrastructure to the cloud to take these advantages. Such a transformation is not new today, it’s a “shift-and-lift” strategy every organisation has been planning for. One of the considerations when moving to cloud is security that people often misunderstand. Your transformation to cloud does not mean everything you have is going to be fully protected. There are a variety of things to be considered, including security strategy, responsibility to security and risk governance. If not carefully planned, impacts shall be huge and damage to organisation’s sustainability.

This book will cover common security design consideration and guidance on how to apply defense in depth strategy to your system hosted on Microsoft Azure IaaS. You will also learn number of different security practices along with Microsoft Azure built-in features to prevent common attacks (e.g. brute-force attack, DDoS, surface attack). It is not only written for the audience of Azure IT Pro, but also for anyone who is going to move or deploy an infrastructure onto Microsoft Azure. This book will also provide you a serial hands-on lab on building a production-like protected SharePoint Server 2013 farm on Microsoft Azure which can be beneficial to absolute beginner in order to quickly adopt Azure IaaS knowledge before taking off with Microsoft Azure journey.


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